Family values in business- You deserve honesty, integrity, reliability, and thoroughness from an Internet company. You found our family company, welcome! The traditional family values you expect to find are here, but don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying!
Old fashioned family values, as Grandpa taught us!
Committed to quality
above all else!

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    Gus from Los Angeles, California:
    "The owners and employees of TheFamilyCompany.Com are extraordinarily honest and reputable. In this day in age it's really tough to find people that you can count on. From my experience, is as trustworthy as they come."

    From Aaron in Lincoln, Nebraska:
    "I really appreciate you sending this back to me. It's reassuring to know there are honest and forthright people out there. I've been ripped off before, and these kinds of things help keep my faith in people intact. :)"
    [He had shipped something to us by mistake, we located him & returned it.]

    The Family Company Organization


         The Family Company Organization is a group of family owned and operated businesses that believe in doing their work the old-fashioned way. The ongoing commitment to quality is more important than quantity or a fast buck. Our main services are e-commerce and web hosting, as well as other Internet services. Most people find us in Yahoo, MSN, or after googling around the net searching for "family values ISP" or "family friendly Internet."

         Reliable Internet hosting service is available for as low as $30 per month for small businesses (12 months paid in advance.) We also offer Internet promotion services for a variety of budgets, and web hosting services for small, medium, and large businesses. If you want to put your business online and start making money with electronic commerce, we can help!

    (At this time we are not accepting new clients.)
    We enjoy quality time with family and children, online and offline!
    Kid-safe Internet Services Provider with strong traditional family values, http://TheFamilyCompany.Com

        In our home life, traditional family values include having mother and father united in the unbreakable lifetime covenant of holy marriage under God, with our children living in the same house. Grandmother and grandfather visit us and we visit them, everybody plays with the kids and teaches them respect for parents, grandparents and responsible adults. You can learn more about us and the family values of our family company in the "about us" section. You'll find that we want to help support your family with helpful information, and you can feel good about giving your support to "The Family Company."

        In the areas of online business, The Family Company can help you with web design services and website strategy consulting. Former clients with sites such as GregEngMetalsmith.Com and DianeTemplin.Com had reached #1 page rank on Google.Com web searches. To our previous clients who have decided to handle their own websites we say "Good wishes, good luck, hope you can keep your sites somewhere near the top of the listings even without our services." (Warning! There is no guarantee that any company can get your site into the number 1 positions on search engines and we tell our clients to beware of anyone who guarantees a number one position on a major search engine.)

        Our people have been creating business successes online since well before America Online Inc. got started, some of our members have been providing Internet services longer than America Online Inc. has existed! We are a family friendly Internet services provider with e-commerce services available. The Family Company can accept credit cards through PayPal and we can help you do it too. Your business can come to us with complete confidence for custom domain name registration services and web hosting and/or email services. Our portfolio of special services include helping you reclaim your domain name if your old ISP has gone out of business, helping you find an honest Ebay consultant to sell your hand made gifts or art, and other Internet services such as digital photography and Internet consulting.

        Learn WHY WEBSITES FAIL, and how YOU CAN MAKE MORE SALES with one sentence or less! Or, start taking credit cards at your website without the expense (~$100 mo.) of a full merchant account.

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