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How to get and use FREE color business cards.
(There is only ever one chance to make a good first impression....)
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Need customers? Need respectability?
Here's our secret!

    Of course you need customers, everybody needs more buyers! Are you new in business, or a one-man-shop, or one of the little guys without a budget? You can impress people with a good image and look more professional, and you will gain their trust.

    Get credibility! Become believable! Look like one of the big corporations and start making big sales. Color business cards are impressive and give you credibility. For the big guys, even a short run of color image cards can cost $85. But don't give up yet, we're about to share our own inside connections, you won't even have to pay for printing!

    Almost immediately you can gain respect for yourself, your business and your website. If you run a new business or a small business you need people to take you seriously. Now you can get the respect you deserve with a color image business card. You can start out with 250 cards and pass them out to everyone you do business with, potential clients, people you know and people you meet.

    With the secret information from our research, and the contacts we've made through the Internet, you can get 250 color business cards for FREE! That's right, you don't have to pay for printing business cards!

    A small business or a one-man-shop should put their business name, owner name, shop address, and phone number on their card. An actor or other performer should put their name, specialty, and their phone number on a card and give it to booking agents. If you have a website, you MUST include your website and/or email address.

    Even home businesses need a card, it doesn't matter if you make quilts or beanbag toys. Get your name, number and email address on a card! For example, if Patty makes beanbag toys for toddlers on the sewing machine she inherited from her grandmother- Patty has her name, one line of product description "Beanbag toys for toddlers", phone number, and a website (which contains pictures, prices, email address, etc.). She pins up these business cards at laundromats, church bulletin boards, and daycare centers. Patty always asks for permission before pinning up her card and offers a free sample to the owner or manager of the business that lets her display her cards. Every sale she ships out has a card tucked discretely in with the order. She includes her free color business cards in the letters she writes to family and friends, and she gently asks them to "please pass my card along to someone you know."

    Your 15 year old son could even benefit from getting his own card to help him get jobs mowing lawns in the neighborhood. Just put his name, phone number, "Landscape maintenance" and a price per hour on the card. Soon he'll have enough to buy his OWN car instead of bothering you to drive him and his lawnmower across town.

    Did you get a new cellphone number? Put it on a color business card with a high-tech image in the background. Tell people right on the card that this is your NEW CELL PHONE NUMBER. And if you've still got the same old cell phone, get your own personal contact card made up for yourself anyway, you'll get more respect with a beautiful business card.

    What could be better than a FREE business card service? Actually, the company who prints the cards will expect you to pay the very nominal shipping and handling, but they ARE giving you custom color image business cards after all! What's the catch, you ask? It's all about promoting their other printing services to you. They are willing to risk sending you color business cards (over and over again if necessary) because they hope you will buy color brochures or color post cards or something from them. But they are very clear about their FREE COLOR BUSINESS CARDS policy, you may order the free cards as many times as you want. Someday you'll buy one of their fancier items and they'll start making profit from your orders. So here's the weblink we promised, you can only get this information through the website, so click here to get your free color business cards!

    Some say "I'd rather print my own on my computer." Did you know that will cost you more money!? You're not saving anything by printing your own at home. InkJet or Laser cards cost between $6 and $12 for 100 high quality cards, or $6 to $8 for 250 low quality blanks. Some stores charge even more money for their perforated blanks! When we looked at Staples and Office Depot there were no glossy photo card blanks available for $6 in any quantity (Oct. 2003). Save yourself the hassle, save the expensive ink, save the frustration of cutting apart those sawtoothed perforations, and most importantly- save your money! Get the free color cards with images instead of doing it yourself. Nothing else beats the first impression you'll get with an $85 style business card!

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