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How to get a vinyl QR code on your vehicle.

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    Your business needs ads that are seen in public. QR codes on your company van or truck will be seen by your potential buyers. Someone is already driving around town with the company vehicle.

    You may have realized that vinyl decal signs on your vehicle will help your business, but maybe you've been putting it off. Don't wait any longer. A well planned QR code such as one from OrangeQR.Com can connect with customers for you.

    Before you get the artwork and make an order there are some things to consider when placing a QR code decal on your company vehicle.

    Do you already have graphics or contact information on your company van? If you do, the QR code can work as a stand alone item on the vehicle. But if you do not have graphics already it would be a good idea to use them together with the QR code. Often a large company name or website address will have a medium sized phone number underneath it or after the name. A QR code should be in a secondary location such as under the plain english graphics. If the QR code has a position of front and center you may lose the people who are not yet smartphone users.

    Keep it logical, keep it on a flat surface where a person will see it when you are stopped. Don't succumb to the hood ornament mentality or the top of your roof. Those places just won't work out well for a QR code. Avoid placing the decal too low, or across a corner of the body. Remember, face it flat toward a person who would be walking past you as you are parked or waiting in traffic.

    Because a QR code on your vehicle will often be in motion, think about the rear window, side windows, doors, or even one of the rear quarter panels. You really don't want someone to snap a picture while they're on the move either, that could lead to a ticket for using their phone, or worse!

    Once you've decided on a location (or even more than one location), be wise and increase the size. Use a simple QR code without much information in it, maybe just your website address. This can work out really well for followup marketing if you use a QR code from OrangeQR.Com which is trackable. Bigger really is better, you want every image taken of your QR code to be big enough to overcome a shaky camera hand.

    Vinyl decals are becoming more popular and have dropped in price as more companies use computerized decal making equipment. Check your local phone book first if you want full service from a company in your area. Or you can do mail order and apply the vinyl decal QR code yourself. It's a matter of taste and budget. Pick whichever method works for you. Here are some companies with high visibility in Google searches-


    To sum up: place QR code in a position that will be seen and scanned by a person stopped, or walking by. It is useless to position a QR code where only a moving vehicle can see it. Drivers should not be fiddling with their phones in traffic. Nobody wants to "meet by accident" as the old saying goes. Do-it-yourself, or hire a local company to make sure the vinyl decal is attached properly. And for added success, get a trackable QR code to boost your marketing.

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