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A more personal view about us...

    We believe in traditional family values which include a strong work ethic, and traditional values like doing our best, putting quality first, satisfaction next, and profit last. We are The Family Company Organization, a group of like-minded businesses doing our best to spread honesty and integrity on the Internet. Wise people like you understand that purchasing quality is always better than settling for a cheap or shoddy product. You deserve a good ISP (Internet Service Provider). As a "family values" ISP we provide Internet hosting service (aka hosting), Email (aka E-mail), Web Hosting, and Ecommerce (aka E-commerce).

What other people are saying-

Gus from Los Angeles, California:
"The owners and employees of TheFamilyCompany.Com are extraordinarily honest and reputable. In this day in age it's really tough to find people that you can count on. From my experience, TheFamilyCompany.com is as trustworthy as they come."

From Aaron in Lincoln, Nebraska:
"I really appreciate you sending this back to me. It's reassuring to know there are honest and forthright people out there. I've been ripped off before, and these kinds of things help keep my faith in people intact. :)"
[He had shipped something to us by mistake, we located him & returned it.]

     Craftsmanship, values, integrity, and hard work are what made America a great nation. The strength of a land comes from its people and leaders. We need more good people to get more good leaders! Our grandfathers taught our family values. Grandpa Jesse was a kind man and always made sure that his customers were treated right. During the great depression (1930's) he used his head and invented an improvement for a common household appliance and walked door to door in the city fixing hazardous appliances. He found a need, solved a problem and helped people at the same time. At one time he worked for Howard Hughes as a carpenter on "The Spruce Goose", a large wooden airplane. He worked with his hands and did his best to respect everyone. With wise guidance he led us and taught our family values. We work hard for you, and we know Grandpa would be proud to see his traditional values passed down from one generation to the next.

    Our son would have made his Great-Grandpa Jesse smile and laugh. After our boy heard about all the military people who left home to do a job in the middle east, he wanted to help Mom bake "Cookies for the Troops!" Jesse isn't here to enjoy our little guy but you can visit our site and see our son yourself. If you choose to buy from The Family Company your purchase will go toward a good cause- food, clothing, medicine, education, and a happy home life for our son and family. You can buy with confidence, knowing that our family values your business. Just like a non-profit organization, your money goes to a good cause. When we have more than we need, we give back to the community. Our family values the quality of generosity, and we enjoy finding ways to give a little extra. We've been working on a "Baby Cookbook" to help pay off the doctor bills after having our first child. It would please us very much to give you a little gift for visiting us here online. Would you like an occasional free recipe by email with updates on our progress? Just send an email to Traditional Family Values Internet Service Provider (ISP)
with the SUBJECT: Subscribe Baby Cookbook
(We promise to never give away, share, sell, or spam your email address. You can unsubscribe by request at any time.)

    The Grandparents in our families live in Seattle and San Diego. We travel between the two areas on various occasions. It rarely happens, but if we're not answering the phone or returning messages after a day or two, please be sure to send us an email. That's always the best way to reach us even when we're at the home office. Because our family values the quality time we spend together, we like to keep our focus on the family. Have you made time to enjoy your family yet today?

     (At this time we are not accepting new clients.)

With best wishes from our home to yours,
CD Simon Tr., at The Family Company

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