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What other people are saying-

Gus from Los Angeles, California:
"The owners and employees of TheFamilyCompany.Com are extraordinarily honest and reputable. In this day in age it's really tough to find people that you can count on. From my experience, is as trustworthy as they come."

From Aaron in Lincoln, Nebraska:
"I really appreciate you sending this back to me. It's reassuring to know there are honest and forthright people out there. I've been ripped off before, and these kinds of things help keep my faith in people intact. :)"
[He had shipped something to us by mistake, we located him & returned it.]

     Reliable Internet service for website hosting accounts is as low as $14.50 per month (12 months paid in advance). Our satisfaction guarantee- If you cancel your website hosting service within the first 14 days we'll eat the bill, you pay nothing! If you cancel a subscription service before completing the normal duration, we'll pro-rate and refund the remaining credit back to you! No hassles! No begging, just satisfaction!

    Our business capabilities include web design services for a variety of budgets. The Family Company ISP provides web hosting services for small, medium, and large businesses. Our website strategy consultant can put your business online and you can start making money with electronic commerce!
     Please call http://TheFamilyCompany.Com promotes traditional family values to place an order or start the consulting process.

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    Consider the profits your business will earn when you start your own e-commerce website. Put your business online with a custom domain name before your competitors find out about our website strategy consulting service. We will deal with you honestly, because our family values your continued business. If you appreciate traditional values, then we're here for you! Hiring a professional e-commerce website consultant is very important to your online success and the bottom line (profits). A well designed website strategy will enhance your credibility and reputation.

    Get noticed, get more customers to come to your website!
    (An electronic commerce enabled website is worthless if nobody visits.)

    Your online business website strategy should include methods to get your website noticed. Successful sites use something we call "Findability Consulting" to be easily locatable by your potential customers. [Hint: Newsletter subscribers often get special deals on these business services.]

    Some of our past clients have been so satisfied with our "findability" consulting services that they've asked us to NOT include their sites in our current portfolio. Alas, sad for us, but good for them if they don't want their competitors to find us. Website Strategy Consulting is such a powerful tool that some people won't give away even a hint of how their site got onto the top of the page on a search. But beware, even Google will warn you that nobody can guarantee a number one ranking for a websearch and we agree! An ethical consultant will not use deceptive tricks to get your website noticed. Be forewarned, some companies will take your money and use unethical methods which may get your site banned! Don't be fooled by someone else, be sure you've got good people working for you. We've got some of the best in the industry on hand here at TheFamilyCompany.Com Organization.

What mysterious methods make a site successful?

    Successful websites all have one "secret method" in common. They all have the information that the customer is looking for. Copy writing is part science, part creative art, and a lot of special intuition and insight. Usually it takes years of experience and a special aptitude for the necessary skills. But remember- ANY site can benefit from a "copy writing upgrade" if the website content is something that people want. Even a small business website with a custom domain and dialup Internet access (about $30 per month combined) can rocket up to the top with a good website strategy. Here's an example of a company that saves on their monthly expense but once had their website optimized. It is "The Portfolio of Architectural Metalsmith Greg Eng" at GregEngMetalsmith.Com (it is a metalworking site similar to what a blacksmith would have). They're getting hits, and more importantly, they're getting calls from all over the USA. After our initial website strategy consulting and site design they decided to try to manage all of the complex details themselves. Best of luck to you folks, hope it stays in the listings!

    During the California Governor recall election in 2003, the third largest political party in California needed to get their California governor candidate noticed on the web. Their pro-life candidate for governor of California came to us for website strategy consulting. We wrote the original site with informational content and it showed up on the first page of the major search engines. Whenever someone searched for the phrase "California Governor candidate", the website came up in this sequence-

#1        Google
#1        Yahoo
#1, #2  America Online
#1, #2  InfoSpace
#2, #3  Netscape
#2, #3  HotBot
#5, #6  Microsoft Network

    This helped them keep their advertising costs down because they didn't have to pay for sponsored listings (ads). One competing candidate was willing to spend up to $3 per ad for each time someone looked for the words "California Governor" and it cost him a fortune in money that he didn't have to spend in that way. We saved our client tens of thousands of dollars in advertising costs! With over 80% of people now getting their information directly from the web, this advertising strategy makes good sense economically.

    During the campaign period we were often complimented and praised for our design and strategy services. Many other web sites picked up on their site, commented on it and created a "buzz" on the web. This kind of publicity is priceless for a web site!
    (Unfortunately we were not allowed to handle their registration and the domain name has expired through their Registry.)

"Great Job on the website!! ... AGAIN cudos to you. The Website looks really fantastic." -John (Campaign Manager for Diane Templin, California Governor candidate from the 3rd largest political party.)

    Your target market will find you if your website has good informational content. By using website strategy consulting to analyze and design the mental triggers (or psychological triggers) of your focus group, buyers will guide themselves right to your website. Imagine having motivated buyers home-in on your site, like shoppers with an irresistable urge to spend!

     Call http://TheFamilyCompany.Com stands for family values now to purchase our services. Our family values your business!

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