True Americans- Pray for the Troops!
Welcome home United States Marines!         Air Force, great job!         Well done National Guard, well done!         Special Forces- excellently done!         Seals- you were fantastic!         Army troops, well done we say!         The American people say "Thank you everybody."

FLASH!  See Lizzie Palmers touching video "Remember Me" here. Yes Troops, we care!

San Diego, California USA:
Open letter to the men and women of the armed forces of the free world.

    We are praying for you. Though we don't know very many of you personally, each of you should know that God-loving Americans are praying for you, your units, and your families still at home. We pray for your success. We pray for your safety, we pray for your families, we pray for your souls, and we pray that the will of the One True God be accomplished. We, here at http://TheFamilyCompany.Com are praying for you and we are asking other believers to pray for you too. May you never feel alone or without hope on the battlefield, neither should your families at home. We love you all! We ask God, the Father in Heaven, to bless every one of you in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

    Military families- take heart, don't feel alone, because we're watching and waiting at home, praying for the safe return of all the military daddies and mommies and brothers and sons and daughters and sisters who are bravely facing down evil in the Middle East (and elsewhere).
From our hearth to the troops, a virtual batch of cookies!
    Here's some cookies we baked in your honor! Even if you can't taste them we hope you enjoy this virtual batch of cookies baked by mother and son. Red-White&Blue, flags, and 5 pointed stars and 6 pointed stars for the good guys in the Middle East!

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