Family values in Spokane- You deserve honesty, integrity, reliability, and fair prices from your Internet service. Welcome to The Family Company! We have the traditional family values you expect from a local company. See what other people say!
Traditional family values, as Grandfather taught us!
Committed to quality
before all else!

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    Get family friendly Internet Hosting Service- $30 a month! (Yearly rate.)

    What other people are saying-

    Gus from Los Angeles, California:
    "The owners and employees of TheFamilyCompany.Com are extraordinarily honest and reputable. In this day in age it's really tough to find people that you can count on. From my experience, is as trustworthy as they come."

    From Aaron in Lincoln, Nebraska:
    "I really appreciate you sending this back to me. It's reassuring to know there are honest and forthright people out there. I've been ripped off before, and these kinds of things help keep my faith in people intact. :)"
    [He had shipped something to us by mistake, we located him & returned it.]
  • Family Values are alive and well in Spokane Washington!

    The Family Company

  • Troops from Spokane still need your support!

         The Family Company is a family owned and operated business that believes in doing work the old-fashioned way. Our highest priority is a continuing dedication to quality service.

         We are Internet Service Providers with a rare and special talent. Our specialty is website promotions. With our website strategy consulting your site may even be listed on the first page of web searches. Our web marketing services include e-commerce and web hosting, as well as other Internet services. Most people find us after googling around the net.

         (At this time we are not accepting new clients.)

    Kid-safe Internet Service Provider with strong traditional family values, http://TheFamilyCompany.Com

        In the areas of e-business, The Family Company can help you with web design services and website strategy consulting. Clients of ours have reached the top of the listings on Google.Com, Yahoo.Com, AOL.Com, and other web searches. Your website will benefit from the experience of our people who have been creating online business successes for years (since well before America Online Inc. got started!) Please do be careful when considering claims made by other so-called experts, even Google warns people that it is impossible to guarantee a listing at the top of a websearch, and we concur!

        Learn WHY WEBSITES FAIL, and how YOU CAN MAKE MORE SALES with one sentence or less! Or, start taking credit cards at your website without the expense (~$100 mo.) of a full merchant account, follow the PayPal link here.

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    * 200MB WEBSITE NOTE: $30 final cost per month is based upon a one year subscription of $360 paid in advance. Now get the special price without paying the entire amount in advance, just sign a one year contract! This "do-it-yourself price" is for website hosting only and does not include domain registration, programming, consulting or other services. Month to month offer is only for the Spokane metropolitan area.

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